Perpetual Help Sri Lanka

Perpetual Help Sri Lanka
The Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Congregation


2001 Chapter opened vistas to reach out to foreign missions. Neil Karuanaratne Cssr then the Parish priest of St. Theresa’s and then the secretary to the migrant commission, who made the request from Perpetual help sisters to work with the Sri Lankan migrant workers who are in Cyprus. Sr. Shirani Perera and the General council was pleased to respond to this invitation since the Perpetual help sisters are called to work for the women and girls.
On the 11th of 2003 Sr. Helen, Victorin and Tecla left to Cyprus an island in the Mediterranean Sea,to work among the Sri Lankan women migrant workers. Their vision is to work in solidarity with the women workers empowering them. They would listen to them with empathy, support them in their time of crisis and see to their spiritual needs.

Mission In Israel

In preparation for the 2013 Chapter The sisters were encouraged to look for new avenues to extend their ministries. Sisters of Cyprus at that time reflecting and praying together proposed to open a house in Israel as an extension for the ministry they were engaged in Cyprus namely working for the migrant workers especially the women. The proposal was voted for and decisions were made. After contacting the persons concerned and going through normal procedures Srs. Clarice and Dinesha was chosen for this mission.
vision is to journey together relying on a trust worthy God who calls to bring hope of fuller life to the migrant workers.
Their mission is a ministry of presence rooted in divine solidarity and compassion, committed to accompany the migrant workers empowering them to respond to the felt needs.