Perpetual Help Sri Lanka

Perpetual Help Sri Lanka
The Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Congregation


Cyprus 2016

Christmas is a festival for children to celebrate the birth of the Christ Child.. Just as Jesus said ,”Let the little children come to me,” we adults plan and prepare many events to make children happy.Two such events took place in our communities of Waga and Rajagiriya.

In Waga, it was the pre-school concert at the end of the year. Over 50 happy children participated and showed their abilities and talents on stage.

In Rajagiriya it was the end of  year celebrations  for the Saturday class children of disadvantaged families.The program included a nativity scene with carols, a talk by Speakers from the Government sector to promote vocational training for weak students, and the distribution of gifts to share Christmas joy….The smiles on the faces of the children say it all…


In Rajagiriya it was the end of  year celebrations  for the Saturday class children of disadvantaged families.The program included a nativity scene with carols, a talk by Speakers from the Government sector to promote vocational training for weak students, and the distribution of gifts to share Christmas joy….The smiles on the faces of the children say it all…



Let us praise the Lord ! 


memories from Sri Lanka

memories from Sri La

Sr. Godewende the Superior General Perpetual help Sisters – Belgiam writes to Sri Lanka P.H sisters

      It is the grand occasion of proclaiming & celebrating of  the 250th of the Jubilee year  of the      congregation of Our lady of Perpetual Help Belgium.2017-2018 JuneSister Gdewende the Superior general of Perpetual Help sisters of Belgium writes; Here  in my name and in the name of all our sisters a report of how we we spent 25th June the start of our jubilee year . On the day we had a festive Eucharist celebration an aperitif and exquisite meal. Were present 12 sisters, our previous spiritual director and Father Willy (C.I.C.M)who daily celebrates  the Eucharis with us.During the aperitif I gave some explanation about the festive occasion on the day itself and for the year to follow.

In 2017 it is 250 years ago that J.F Armaleinck bought three houses I in a poorer quarter of Kortrijk there in the company of 11 religious-inspired women. She was to build a school and a house destined to the care if poor girls and sickly elderly women.In 1767(as a political regulation of the Austrian period) she made an official request to the Empress Mariya Theresia. In 1768 she received the official charter and hence was allowed to proceed with her initiative. J.F Amerlinck was leading the group until her death in 1810.

Landmark years in the course of time: 1871-1882-1883 First the religious ladies took convent dress, made  profession of 3 vows and adopted the name of Congregation of Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual help with the diocesan convent rule. The restriction of number 12 also lifted. Hence the number of Sisters grew rapidly. To illustrate the development henceforth we had a tableau made representing   a tree with its branches. A tree with its deep roots in Jesus and His gospel, its sprouts leading into fruitful branches into Flanders., Sri Lanka, South Africa. (see photo) How we proceed from 25th June. There is no film available about J.F Amerlinck but we can give shows of people who certainly inspired her; Jesus Himself, St. Francis of Assisi, St Vincent the Paul.I read in a magazine; “in your life there are people who keep on company even we do no longer see them, even if they are no longer among us”In the 250 long years our (Flemish)convent caravan counts 217 sisters already gone and 15 still alive. Over the years we have assembled 5 albums in which there is a page for every sister; a photo, remembrance pictures of death, profession, some biographical notes. On the anniversary of each sister’s death we’ll remember her in the Eucharist. In the living the album concerned lies opened at the page concerned so the whole year long everyone is marching along in the caravan.

Meanwhile there are the little surprises: a trip, a film. A visitor…This year is also year of separation and good bye. The Schools at Volkegem and at St.Lodewijk will be handed over to a management board in the respective dioceses Ghent and Bruges. We are confident that these schools will be in good hands in the future.

In 2018 we’ll close up Jubilee year with another celebration. That is where the invitation for a Sri Lankan delegation comes in (3) Representatives of J.F. Armelinck with her inspiration .And this is a magnificent caravan I once more repeat my invitation, as already mentioned

Your lovingly

Sr. Godewende Ph





25th August 2017


A day of great rejoicing ,thanksgiving and celebration of God’s fidelity to  Sr. Cynthia for 50  long years. The Perpetual Help sisters joined in offering praise, thanks and glory to God for the ‘Person’ you are – unique sister, God’s favoured one. Your growth in the Religious life was seen in your response to god’s call to serve many capacities in the Congregation and the diocese. Your rich experience in all these fields prepared you to take helm as the first Superior General on this Congregation. You were a Trail Blazer. Endowed with a vision and a foresight Sr. Cynthia is an asset and a beacon to the Congregation. Availability is your  foe poor, the rich,the downtrodden, the less privileged  the needy as well as with the ‘intelligentsia’ with whom you can be most comfortable.

Dear Sr. Cynthia looking at your noble, adventurous, charismatic journey with the Lord, we have all experienced you as a gift and blessing.

Dear Sr. our wish and prayer is that you continue to be that great Lover of God and all who cross your path.



Sr. Marina celebrated her Diomond Jubilee at St. Martin’s  Convent, on 1st of May 2017.  The  Jubilee mass was officiated by Rev. Fr. Shanthi Abeysinghe.

Sr. Marina made her first profession on 1st of May 1955. She  is gifted with a very  affectionate and a  rich personality. She is blessed with an ever present winning smile. As a government qualified nurse she gave her nursing care at Ragama tuberculosis  hospital and then at Suliman’s nursing home. She worked in many more other places touching many lives, making God’s love and presence a reality in their lives. Sr. Marina too served the congregation in the capacity of the Provincial when the Belgian sisters left the Srilnakan soil 1970. She receives the credit of being the first provincial superior of the SriLankan sisters .

Then I said “Lord God behold I do not know how to speak, for I am only a youth; 

for to all to whom I send you you shall go and what ever I command you you shall speak . Be not be afraid for I am with you. “ 

We the  Perpetual help sisters who have experienced Sr Marina, would say  the  motto in her life  is, ‘Make me a servant humble and meek’

Dear Sr. Marina Congratulations on your Sixtieth  Jubilee in the service of the Lord. May the Lord continue to shower His blessing upon you.

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