Perpetual Help Sri Lanka

Perpetual Help Sri Lanka
The Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Congregation


In the Archdiocese of Colombo


Periyamulla is  our Generalate.  The main purpose of this community is to support the Generalate to achieve its vision & mission as a Congregation.
The sisters run a pre-school,  are engaged in Parish work and teach in neighbourhood schools. There is  a home for elderly and retired sisters.

The Novitiate is also on the premises.

Ragama  Community

The sisters are engaged in the education of the hearing impaired . The School will be  completing its 80th  year in 2015. The sisters are also involved in the pastoral activities of the parish such as Daham Pasal, YCS,   non formal education for the poor , distribution of communion to the sick etc……


The sisters here are engaged in the Creche, Pre school , Home for elderly ladies & Pastoral work. Here Pastoral work extends to Sinhala,  Tamil & English speaking people in the parish. Sisters are involved in different activities in the parish.


The sisters of this  community are engaged in  pastoral work such as Catechesis, YCS, House visiting,  counselling,  organizing & preparing liturgical services , working with women’s group & youth.


This is an ‘open house’ where people from all walks of life are welcomed in their times of joy & sorrow, offered prayer- support & other possible help. Parish work such as Catechesis, instructions for Baptism, YCS & teaching the less fortunate children is being done.
In Neluwaththuduwa, Waga Parish newly demarcated as the “ Missionary Region” of the Archdiocese, we have started a “ branch community” of Rajagiriya. Sisters run a Pre school & attend to other pastoral work.




The hearing impaired past students of Ragama are employed in this sewing center to embroider church linen, sew cassocks for priests etc..

Kochchikade- Negombo

Here we have our Formation house for Candidacy and Pre- Novitiate where new comers to the Religious life are assisted in their education & formation. Sisters also run a pre-school and do pastoral work.
In the Chilaw diocese


Here We have a Home for girls of single parents , orphans & other needy ones. Their education and character formation is seen to.

In the Anuradhapura diocese


Eppawela community

Eppawela community

Our community is a community of “insertion” among a Buddhist population. We run a Pre school. Sisters are engaged in the pastoral work, house visiting, organizing & preparing liturgical services.

In the Kurunegala diocese


At St Joseph’s Farmland Deaf past pupils are engaged in a two year programme of animal husbandry and agriculture. The girls are given opportunities for Home science, dress making & embroidery.


Here we have a school for the hearing impaired children -  establishing another school for the hearing impaired with the intention of integrating the children to the main stream of education. Apart from the school  sisters are involved in the pastoral work in the  diocese.

Cyprus4th batch

We are privileged to start our first foreign mission in Cyprus where more than 18000 Sri Lankns are working & most of them are women.

Our main focus is to give our service to women & girls who struggle with tremendous difficulties & suffering. People come to meet the  sisters

daily to share their joys & sorrows Sisters also visit them in their houses of work to conduct prayer services.

Sr. Victorine and Chrishanthi takes up the new mission in Cyprus."Be my witnesses"

Sr. Victorine and Chrishanthi takes up the new mission in Cyprus.”Be my witnesses”

Srs. Victorine and Chrishanthi take over the mission in Cyprus  2014 September

Srs Heln and Janet returns. We appreciate their commitment to the migrant workers.

IsraelPioneirs   2013

In 2013 a new community was begun in Israel  to cater to the spiritual needs of the Sri Lankan migrant workers.

Sisters who have received their reward in Heaven