Perpetual Help Sri Lanka

Perpetual Help Sri Lanka
The Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Congregation


Pastoral care and vocation

The Vocation Promotion program sessions are conducted in different ways. Some programs directly focus on vocations and some through life-education and leadership programs.

  •  We conduct programs for Sunday school children in different parishes.
  • In August and December every year we conduct two programs for the girls who have a desire to be religious. Every year we conduct “come & see “programs for the post O/L children who keep contact with us.
  •  We do house visiting for the girls who have contact with the sisters / vocation animation team.
  •  Sometimes we do school programs as well.
  •  Do you have a vocation to religious life?

Is God calling you to serve Him as a PERPETUAL HELP SISTER?

We are happy to hear from you.

“I chose you before I gave you life and
before you were born I selected you to be a prophet to the nations.”[Jeremiah 1/5]

Signs of a Religious Vocation

  • You have a deep desire to follow Jesus more closely and respond to the signs of the times with compassionate love.
  • You are curious to learn and know more about the life of a Perpetual Help Sister.
  • Desiring to give more of yourself in service to God and trust in Divine Providence.
  • God is calling you to commit your life to God and to live a simple way of life with fortitude.
  • You have a nagging feeling inside that God is calling you to something deeper.
  • Identifying Jesus who is in the poor and oppressed.

Where is the Lord leading you?

God’s call is an exciting one and responding may mean big changes in your life.
Continue to pray, asking God to open your heart. Trust that God is always right beside you,
and will show you the path to follow.

Prayer to Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, I desire to give my life to God and His people.
Teach me to love others as Jesus did. I hear God calling me to follow Him more closely.
Dear Mother, help me to discover my vocation and dedicate myself fully to Him.
Mother of Perpetual Help, pray for me – Amen.

Do you feel a strong desire to serve others especially?

  • Hearing impaired….
  • Pastoral work – catechesis, house visiting, prayer, availability.
  • Crèche, homes for children.
  • Elderly care.
  • Service to migrant workers in Cyprus & Israel.

To find God through prayer And living a vowed life In a community. If so, Please Contact us

Perpetual Help Convent, Kochchikade, Negombo
Contact : The Candidate Directress.
Tel.No : 031 – 2273702
Email :

Perpetual Help Convent, Kochchikade, Negombo
Contact : Sr. Superior, Perpetual Help Convent, Kochchikade, Negombo.
Tel. No. : 031 – 2279768

Perpetual Help Convent, Periyamulla, Negombo.
Contact : The Novice Directress.
Tel. No. : 031 – 2238343

Stages Of Formation

Becoming a sister of Our Lady Of Perpetual Help is a gradual process of understanding and deepening one’s commitment. It begins with a phone call, letter or e-mail to a sister who will clarify your questions about religious life. Later you will meet the sister, get more chances to visit a convent and participate in the “come & see” programs and come to know our life-style and mission. We encourage girls after the O/L exam and promote A/L studies and further studies.
We are here to assist you and listen to you. We are ready to help you to discover the next steps in your journey, wherever it may take you.

“ Our call is a personal invitation …to be formed at the feet of the Master, to abandon all things and follow Him to the end…to nurture the realization of one’s true self….”
[ const. 106 ]

Deep within my heart I feel
Voices whispering to me;
Calling me to follow

The following information will give you a glimpse of life as a Sister of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.


“You didn’t choose me; I chose you and appointed you to go and bear much fruit.”
[ John 15/16 ]

The goal of the candidacy is to equip the entrant with academic qualifications and to inculcate Gospel values as a step to the pre – novitiate.
During the candidacy candidates are formed and guided to discover
and build a deeper understanding of God’s call.
The objective of the candidacy is to help the candidate go through the
areas of spirituality, self-development, academic and aesthetic studies.

Pre – novitiate.

“ The spirit of the Lord is upon me, because He has chosen me to bring good news to the poor.“ [Luke 4/18 ]

The vision of the pre – novitiate is a journeying towards human maturity, becoming an integrated person to respond to God’s call. The goal of the pre – novitiate is to interiorize the values of Christ and to discern one’s call. We can affirm that the pre-novitiate has its own identity within the process of formation to religious life. This stage is characterized by the preparation and the progressive maturation of the candidates, the vocational discernment and the selection of the candidates while also facilitating the transition from life in the world to the novitiate.


“ I called you by name – You are mine.”
[ Isaiah 43/ 1 ]

The Novitiate period is a special time of immersion into the life of the Congregation. Through prayers, studies and solitude, the novices are given an opportunity to enter into one’s deeper self, be initiated to the Perpetual Help way of life and thereby to respond to the radical call of Christ to journey together with His people.
The spiritual development of the novice is of particular focus especially through spiritual direction.
During the novitiate the history of the Congregation, the Constitution and the charism are studied in depth. Duration is two years.


At the end of the novitiate, the novice makes her profession of temporary vows. The Superior General with the consent of her Council makes the decision to accept her to the Congregation by giving the novice permission to make her first profession. From then onwards she becomes a Junior Sister. This is the period given to her to adjust gradually to the community of Sisters, its life and its work.
During the period of the Juniorate she is given personal and spiritual guidance, opportunities for growth, apostolic activities and studies. The duration of the Juniorate is from 5 – 9 years. The temporary professed sister renews her vows each year till her final profession. The Junior Sister is not a fully incorporated member of the Congregation till her profession of final vows.

The Vision of the Juniorate

Persons journeying towards fullness in Christ.
To be rooted in Christ and become committed to His mission in and through community living.
The Objectives
• To integrate all aspects of life of the temporary professed sister (physical, spiritual, intellectual, psychological and social ) in actual living situations.
• To deepen her commitment to the Person of Jesus Christ.
• To live and grow in community
• To prepare her for the mission of the Congregation.
• To discern her suitability for final vows.
• To guide her to arrive at a decision about her final vows.

On-going formation


A journey towards an integrated life, leading to fullness in Christ.

Young senior sisters

This will be an initial stage of on-going formation where sisters soon after their final profession, up to five years, will form a group and they will meet occasionally.

Senior sisters

Next follow the Senior sisters. Those who have completed five years after their final profession will fall under this category.


To integrate her religious and apostolic commitment with the different stages of her growth, with training for various tasks in the Congregation and to acquaint her with contemporary studies and the changing conditions of the time.