Perpetual Help Sri Lanka

Perpetual Help Sri Lanka
The Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Congregation


“How wonderful it is, how pleasant, for God’s people to live together in harmony”[ Ps 133:1]
“Our community is not a mere human grouping, but, by its very nature, a community of faith, gathered around the Person of Jesus Christ. “
“The importance of community in our way of life makes it essential for us that we live in community and carry out our ministry through the community.” [Cons;58/ 57]

Our Vision

Journeying together towards the fullness of a new creation, nourished by a Spiritual Force.

Our Mission

Rooted in Christ, we commit ourselves to be constantly challenged by the poor and needy, especially women and girls, and to be fellow strugglers with them to a liberated life.

Our charism

Trusting in divine providence , living out the compassionate love of God , simplicity and fortitude

Our Spirituality

Our spirituality is an on going God consciousness, lived out like Mother Mary, through a simple way of life, with fortitude, trusting in Divine Providence, responding relevantly to the signs of the time, with compassoinate love .

God’s  saving actions in history brought about a people, united by their common faith in Him.  Similarly , the coming of God’s  Kingdom in the Person & work of Jesus Christ gathers together a people.
Every community reflects the community of the Father , Son and Holy Spirit, in the mystery of the Trinity. Our community life attempts to live in an intense way the unity and oneness of the Church. [con. 54]
Our Congregation from its inception was marked by an intense form of community living. The first members bound themselves by a promise of sisterly love. The importance of community in our way of life makes it essential for us that we live in community & carry out our ministry through the community. [con.  57]
Our Mother Foundress Johanna Amerlinck insisted on Sisterly love & unity. She emphasized personal prayer, community prayer & other devotions promoting spiritual growth. This deep life of prayer was to a be support & inspiration in our apostolic activities. It was always an unfailing trust in Divine Providence that kept her going even in the darkest of days. She was convinced that God called her in His loving Providence & had led her through Providential circumstances to serve the poor.
“ Let us carry on undauntedly trusting in Divine Providence who has never failed us.”
Her strength & fortitude came from above. She always experienced that God is with her. She told her sisters “ And my dear sisters if you find life hard & difficult, turn to Almighty God, look up to Jesus carrying his heavy cross. This will enable you to suffer all things in him  and in whom all things are possible, sweet & light….”